Saturday, June 2, 2012

GWrite - Secured Notepad, version 1.0 has been released

Find the App on Android Market:

"GWrite turns your Android device into a Secured Notes Taking Server."

GWrite is a easy-to-use notepad App, which will help your mobile to remember all your secrets safely and securely. GWrite lets you synchronize notes created in your mobile to Google Docs server. You can access/modify your non-encrypted notes from Google Docs directly and import the changes back to app.

GWrite can be used by anyone who needs to keep their data Securely(ex. bank accounts, ATM PIN, passwords for different web sites...). GWrite provides a simple interface to Add/Edit/Save the data and Password protect the data written into notes. Since it supports both non-encrypted and encrypted notes, user can decide which of the available notes should be password protected and which are not. In case of loss or theft of Mobile user do not have to worry about the data in the app since it is encrypted, Everything is still available in Google Docs server via Synchronization.

For Users who are not comfortable using Mobiles to type the text, GWrite provides a best alternative using in-built web server. Using this Server, All contents from app can be accessed from your favorite web browser either from Windows PC or MAC.

  • Keep content safe with encryption
  • All Notes can be Synchronized to Google Docs
  • Import selected Notes from Google Docs
  • Inbuilt Web Server to access Notes from Any Web Browser(requires WIFI network)
  • Import/Export contents into external files on Mobile
  • Individual Key's for Notes and Master Key for Application
  • Simple widget to Switch On/Off the built-in Web Server
  • Action bar for Android 2.3 devices
  • Long-Click on any Action Icon to know the functionality

*Google Docs Synchronization*
  • GWrite Notepad App will not maintain/probe any passwords to connect to Google Docs, it uses any of the already configured accounts in your mobile's Account manager.
  • Both Encrypted and Plain Notes can be synchronized to Google Docs
  • Plain Notes can be modified directly on Google Docs and can be imported the updated notes back into the App
  • GWrite Notepad will use AES encryption to protect your content, this is the most used encryption algorithm.(ex. Banking Transactions)

*Accessing using Any Web Browser (Premium Feature)*
  • GWrite notepad can be accessed from any web browser using in-built web server
  • Server can be started with a WiFi Broadcast button
  • Server will show the Address and Port on which it is running
  • with the address you can connect to GWrite notepad using your favorite web browser
  • Once the work is finished you can turn off web server with same icon
  Usage of in-built Web Server:
  • Use WiFi Broadcast icon(in Red color) in the App or Use Widget to start the Web Server
  • App will add a Notification with the information about the IP Address and Port on which the server is currently running.
  •  - Now that the server is running, open up your favorite Web Browser and use the IP Address from the Notification to access the content from Server.

  • Now Server will show you the link to the application, click on it and there your are.
  • Alternatively Notes can be directly accessed from the path

  • To Switch off the web browser, click on same WiFi Broadcast icon(in Blue color).
  • Since the server will be running as a background service, app need not be in front of the screen to use it from web browsers.
  • App can be launched by clicking on the Notification of server

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